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Poor indoor air quality on construction sites may cause serious illnesses for workers. Even new, well-ventilated projects may have poor[…]

Willful violations of federal safety standards in the workplace may have contributed to a fatal explosion that recently occurred in[…]

The integration of smart technologies into the personal protection equipment used by workers across all industries may help improve on-the-job[…]

Workers who suffer workplace injuries must file timely claims with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission or risk forfeiting their rights[…]

Seasonal workers who are injured on the job may claim workers’ compensation benefits through their employers. Some employers may not[…]

The legalization of marijuana may have an impact on workplace safety. The 11th state to do so, Illinois legalized the[…]

By Gerald Connor

Commercial truck drivers in Illinois face numerous occupational risks, which may result in on-the-job injuries. According to the U.S. Bureau[…]

By Gerald Connor

Workers in Chicago and throughout Illinois may suffer from back pain at work. Many occupation types, from construction and factory[…]

By Gerald Connor

Construction workers in Illinois face an increased injury risk as a result of the industry’s growing labor shortage. On any[…]

By Gerald Connor

Since the inception of the state’s workers’ compensation program, Illinois’ system has continued to change to meet the needs of[…]