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By Law Offices of Gerald F. Connor

Workers in certain jobs and industries are regularly exposed to hazards in the workplace which may result in occupational burn […]

By Law Offices of Gerald F. Connor

Officials are urging drivers to be more aware as pedestrian deaths soar to a 28-year high throughout the United States. […]

A ripple effect from the growing gig economy could present challenges down the road for injured workers and the workers […]

Amendments to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act allow injured workers with latent injuries to sue their employers in civil courts, […]

When determining a victim’s lost earning potential after an accident, the person’s age, past wages, skills, experience, level of education, […]

Employees at food processing plants, poultry plants, and packinghouses face a variety of heat-related hazards on the job, raising their […]

Following work-related accidents, Illinois employers may have the right to require injured workers to submit to drug testing. According to […]

Long-term exposure to the dangerous substance ethylene oxide as a result of industrial facilities’ emissions poses a significant health risk […]

Social services workers are at risk for injuries and death caused by workplace violence. To address the outsized risk of […]

Electrocution is one of the most common dangers in the construction industry, but all workers may be exposed to electrical […]